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When you go somewhere that requires you to drive or use mass transit and when you get there you forgot how you got there, or in the worst of cases, the entire previous synopsis from the point of supposed "waking up".

This is common after a heavy night of drinking, when you have a routine that owns your life, or when you get morning wood so bad it takes what needed blood there is from your head to wake up fully.
Mr. Garglewitz was on his way to work. He was low in the eyes but seemingly awake, very awake. He carried out his normal, bleak, and depressing routine with pinpoint accuracy. When he reached his hamster cage, or cubicle as earthlings would call it, he finally woke up from his sleep realizing that he was at work. When he came to this realization he could not remember what had happened or how he got there. He experienced a very pronounced case of sleep traveling.
by The see-ma-wae January 21, 2010
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