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Slawyn is a very lovable, hot, adorable, caring, shy, cute and brainy. He is athletic and smells really good. He thinks alot and gets bored easily but not when he is with someone he loves. He is the best boyfriend anyone can have. He'll take care of you and do anything for you. He'll do small things to make you happy. He'll hold you tight while you cry and make wierd faces to make you laugh. He doesnt care about what others think and does what he wanted to in the first place. He cares only for the people he loves and doesn't give a damn about the others. He dreams the biggest but often doesn't realise his worth. He is often inexpressive about his thoughts but if he doesn't like you, you will know. He could be the best person you've met once you get to know him. When he loves someone he loves truly. He is going to be a great person and achieve all his dream, he just needs somebody to believe in him.

He is the perfect person to fall in love with and you wouldn't exchange him for the world.♡
Happiness is having a Slawyn in your life♡
You are so amazing, you must be SLAWYN.
He is too funny, he has got to be SLAWYN.
by chubbs301 November 22, 2014
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