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It is derived from the word slav with the meaning 'fame, glory, Slav'.
Very intelligent, funny and sexy woman who should be glorified all the time. Everybody around her is charmed and educated. She takes her on way of living and does not follow any society rules with which she does not agree. She has her own principles and lives to her full capacity. Never stops and rests before all is done.

Enjoy spending time with her because it can lasts only a while.
She is so amazing. She must be Slavka.
by zelko July 10, 2015
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Slávka is a slavic girl´s name with meaning fame and glory. Girl with this name is usually very intelligent, beautiful and non standard. She sees life differently than others and live it that way. When you are around a person with this name you feel charmed, always learn something new and never get bored. She is abundant in her own kind of humour. Her ability to surprise is always present and she is very passionate about many things, but especially in love.
She is so amazing, she must be Slávka.
by zelko July 16, 2015
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