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A period in which one, usually a yaoi fangirl, gives up yaoi or slash for one month. It is very helpful treatment for those without lives.

It started when Lii decided that her life had become way too centered around something that didn't accomplish anything, and gave it up. She was born a new woman.

The original and traditional period to fast is the month of October, starting on Bloody Sunday (the last Sunday in September) and ending on All-Slashers Day, which is Halloween. All-Slashers Day is not usually full of feasting and parties, for the transition of normal human being to rabid fangirl takes time.

Other months work also, depending on your events. October doesn't work well due to intense popularity of The Rocky Horror Picture Show during this month. Late Spring could be an option, but it hasn't been tested.
1: Dammit, Candi, you need to go on slash fasting!
by Lii Yuki Pillows October 26, 2005
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