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Tall, strong, loves sports, loves food. very fast, big hearted, knows how to handle peoples feelings, cares for his friends and family more than himself, very sweet (especially to girls) he is caring and just all over the place. can always be trusted. he has an amazing personality and can always find an upside to bad situations. he is the kind of guy who you can be friends with knowing he is always there for you whenever you need someone to talk to. he is the kind of guy who you can talk to all day and night without getting bored. if you meet him, be sure to give him a chance and get to know him because he has a big background for the way he is. hes loves music and he is just overall a great person. he is also different than any other guy you will meet. he wont ask "whats wrong" to make conversation. he will listen and always try to help out. if you meet him never let him go.
Be sure to look out for Skyleur.
by Mr_Guy June 30, 2014
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