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Sky confetti is a winter-positive word for "snow". It is meant to remind you that snow is delightful and, like confetti, should signal the start of some sort of party or festivity. Waaaahoooo!!!
Scene 1:
Girl 1: "Holy shit! We're supposed to get 10-25cm of sky confetti today!"
Girl 2: "Let's go make snowpeople and snowanimals!"
Girl 1: "Huzzah! Let's go do that, friend!"


Scene 2:
Non-binary human 1: "I've been waiting for the sky confetti to start falling since the end of September! I can't believe it's finally here!"
Non-binary human 2: "Let's go celebrate!! Let's build a snowfort!!!"
Non-binary animal 1: "Moooooooooo!!!!"
by ricercar December 10, 2017
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