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created and popularized by one known only as clarkezor, skuuuuuu is a seemingly undefined adjective/verb/noun with many meanings. It's most commonly used in many cases as a dramatic ending. Primarily containing seven U's, more U's can be used to create a more epic and sustained effect.
the hoodlum turned to see a dark shadow fall over the alley. he dropped the purse and pressed against a garbage can in horror. the costumed man moved towards him; he felt the air being sucked from his lungs. strong hands gripped the steel bin on either side of him and black eyes met his. he whispered, "w-what do you wa...nt?" and shrunk into his clothes. after a great pause the winged man grinned and said, "skuuuuuuu."

Darling! tell me something! something before you die he in my arms! something that will help me continue with life!" She gripped his hand tightly, and as he lay there exhaling his last breath, he looked deep into her eyes and murmered "skuuuuuuu...
by lastnightat3am June 29, 2010
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