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(1) n. a word that can be put in place of a profane word when in front of parental units or other figures of authority

(2) n. slang used for any of the bitchy whores living in room 117. especially bailey mcbride.

(3) a. word used to describe someone who has a deep passion for inflatable penises and alcohol.

(4) v. to dry hump vigorously
(1) "skuddlemagoon! i dropped my fork!"
(2) "hey, skuddlemagoon, wanna hit your back again for me tonight?"
(3) "her hanging richard made her look so skuddle-magoonish."
(4)"He skuddlemagooned my leg so hard it was raw the next day."

skuddlemagoon can be used as an intensifier as well.

by Catherine Kitchens September 04, 2008
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