The skrillet is a hairstyle popularized by singer/songwriter and electronic music producer Skrillex. Typically seen on female hipsters, this hairstyle is usually a partial buzzcut on the right or left side of the head while leaving the rest of scalp with flowing, shoulder-length hair. It is a juxtaposition of hairstyles designed to attract attention, but fails to be remotely fashionable or good looking.

A similar hairstyle was also popularized in the 1980's by using a similar buzzed or styled short hair on top of the head but leaving the back long and sometimes unkempt. This was known as the "mullet". It is quite possible that the skrillet is intentionally derivative of this 80's hairstyle.
"Oh my God, did that chick get in an electric razor fight?"

"No dude, she's just rockin' a skrillet."

" ... "
by HerpDerp12786 January 24, 2012
1. grill
2. frying pan/skillet

usually accompanied by home or Broam
by Squim Pimbleton August 6, 2009