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Skateboard golf. Originating in Bay City, Michigan, skolf is played in a skatepark with a golf ball, two cups and two teams. During the game, two players from each team are in play at a time, and can be subbed out any time. One cup is placed at the flat bottom of a bowl, and functions as the main goal. The point of the game is to hit the ball into the cup while skating into the ball. Each score is worth one point. The other cup is placed in a more difficult position (i.e. the top of a ramp), and if a team hits it, they automatically win the game.

No pushing within 10 feet of the ball. The ball can only be touched with the skateboard. Each game is typically three rounds, each round ending when a team scores. Alcohol is usually served between rounds and during the game.
Man, after 9 years, this park is boring. I have a golf ball, beer, and cups - let's invent a game called skolf.
by bcbwilla June 19, 2010
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