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A skizzert is a very powerful way of saying stop talking. When someone is talking and you want them to stop, while they are in the middle of their sentence (after they started to say a word and not at a pause in their sentence) put your hand about 1/2 - 3/4 inches away from their face and say skizzert. When you say skizzert don't say it too fast, or you will skizzert your-self which will be very humiliating for you and you will be laughed at. You should say it at the same speed as you would any other word in a conversation so it seems slick.
person one: Hey Mikey what are we....

Person two: Skizzert!

Person one: doi (slur the rest of the words)

This is a true story!!!!
by Keith "the k man" November 06, 2007
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