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A skater (inline speed bearing rollerblade type) that "hitches" a ride from a motor vehicle, often in traffic, by skating parallel to the vehicle and catching hold of it (usually by the rear fender, fin, bumper, etc.), hence the term skitcher, a "skater" who "hitches" a ride!

This is a very dangerous maneuver and should only be attempted by a seasoned expert skater - it is also illegal to perform on a public thoroughfare and a skater skitching in traffic could be ticketed and fined if observed by an officer of the law.
I turned the corner and saw that the skitcher had switched from the garbage truck to a faster moving delivery van as it quickly threaded through the midtown traffic, and then they were gone - he was skitching his way back uptown!
by skitcher1 December 28, 2010
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