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A strapping lad who was once obese but has since dramatically reduced his waist size. A man never short on jokes. Can be easily identified by his distinct dialect. Adds (erton, ice, behhh, or boy) after the majority of his english words. Replies to all sentances with an "or ____" Also a person who generally suffers from immense muscle soreness. A person who cannot get up from a couch without verbalizing, "Hananana" or "ah-ah-ah-ah.." Can be found on college campuses, sleeps with a 1987 nba pillow, has no mattress, and the dirtiest blanket known to mankind.
Boy 1: Where you been at Skirbit?!
Skirbit: Ive been sleepiniceee behhhh
Boy 2: Go to class Skirbit
Skirbit: class or glass
Boy 1: that makes no sense
Skirbit: hanannannananana
by matchupichu November 01, 2010
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