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An insult, used to refer to people who no other insult really seems to fit. Reserved for a very special kind of idiot. Easy target for mockery. Entertaining. Dumb as a box of rocks.asshat, wtf, spellchecker.
Gaaah, uuhhh...not knowing I cannot say with an accustomed degree of accuacy, and not wishing to deviate what is strict truth, I must decline to answer, for your ticanic intellect is far too copius for my benign understanding. That person was probably not the least non uninteligent organic life form it's been my extreme lack of dipleasure not having been able to avoid meeting. Oh I wish I were an Oscar Meyer wiener. Tell him about the twinky. And all the hoos down in hooville won the lottery as the seas turned a particularly interesting shade of pink. Peace on earth good will towards...Auqualung my friend. I've decided to relocate to Pleasent Valley 26809 so as to leave it to Beaver. I will survive 'cause it's raining men......halleluia!
More to come? Uhhhh......

Hey guys! Check out the skippy mcnipplehead who thinks he's clever. Let's all comment in his LiveJournal and make fun of him.
by goldtoofblingbling November 06, 2004
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