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The lingo used describing a lapse (or possibly many lapses) in time while using drugs, commonly experienced after long bouts of skatin' (using the drug form of meth known as *ice/clear*). These moments, more often than not, cannot be recalled unless reminded about from a friend, one whom witnessed the skipped time in question, when there was such a 'skip in time' for the user.
"Man, I didn't even realize we went to the store until you said something to me. I totally don't remember driving to the store, leaving the place or coming back. I must be skippin'!! Last thing I recall is that I wanted to get a drink and then here I am with a soda watching T.V.....damn dude, I must've completely skipped that ride! How long were we at that store anyway?"
by Athena_Leigh July 18, 2005
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