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A punch to the neck!
That pritchel with the hacking problem just needs a skerfer. The only way to stop it is to skerfer him in front of his bitch boy clan. NAh, just not worth it!

Rip the system. Feel my skerfer instead. The sight of it will give you chillz. I Got no patients for your bullshit kiddie drama. UFC bitch Lets GO, name it. mono E mono. M vs. W. No holds bared. Last one standing gets it;) JK

Step to my door boy and the only thing you'll feel is a skerfer from the right.

I don't want to hear anything about your love game man. I'm not in, nor will I ever, love you. I'd rather see you skerfered. Get off her equipment and out of her life.

The operation of the machine needs a skerfer thrower up at that podium. They'd need less cards to pronounce and their bullshit plans for our economy. Hope they really do like the aroma of toilets the way this is all playing out for this country.

The lead executive of BP needs a skerfer. The locals know the waters better. Let them lend a hand with the clean up your company caused moron's. Take some of the firing squad out to stop the health hazards in the waters.
by HappyGapSappyI<3pickles May 05, 2010
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