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The word skeooo is a word to get the attention of a hot,good looking, and/or attractive girl. It can also be used to describe your excitment for something involving sex, and/or love. The word was invented by philip, jeffery, and josh due to the over use of words such as skeet skeet or hey mamma and in order to find a way to attract attractive girls. The word is not to be used to attract males unless as a joke. The word is currently only widley used in central and south florida but is quickly gaining a wide audience throughout the United States and England due to its popularity.
(A hot girl is walking by on the street past philip)
Philip: Skeoooo!
(She turns around and immidietly takes off her top and makes out with him)

Definition 2
Josh: Yo Jeff she says she wants to give you head.
Jeffery: Skeooooo!

Definition 3
(Josh is walking by)
Philip: Skeooooo!
Josh: haha your so gay
Philip:haha i was kidding dude
by skeoooo August 06, 2007
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