Phrase used to explain coiptus interruptus, or the "pulling-out" method while having intercourse. First used by the legendary Chakuka of Nigeria when he was witnessed by his friends having wild jungle sex with a bitch, they warned him to skeet skeet. He whipped his dick out and came on her belly!
"Chakuka! Skeet skeet, Chakuka, too much wild jungle sex!"
by PolarSolar June 28, 2009
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A phrase commonly said by white males to try to make them seem more closely related with the southern rap movement.
I made dat ho pissed when i said skeet skeet skeet and shot it all up on her
by Jargon fella March 21, 2005
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the act of ejaculating all over the face of an unfortunate victom
"so i was walking in the hall then i saw kasey so i had to stop to do a little skeet skeet"
by Preston O'Hara February 9, 2007
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when you shoot dick juice from your... dick and it coats mates face in frosting
oh i coated your face with my skeet skeet
swallow my skeet skeet you fucking pussy fucking whore
by bobbypumb December 18, 2006
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we all know what the term refers to, the root of the word seems to be related to shooting skeet. you shoot skeet, you shoot your shorthand shooting your load becomes skeet skeet
by Clayton.Bigsby September 1, 2005
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when a male bust his nut and or blows his load on his girls face
justin B got skeet skeeted on by his dog cuz justin is very loney and 2 ugly to get chix
by fart on ur mouth January 13, 2005
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Recognition call among certain members of Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity (AyPhiQue), in use since at least the early 1980's. Quite a few songs of music artists from the Atlanta area have used and popularized its usage - to the extent of lifting an ENTIRE AyPhiQue chant in song:

To the windows; To the walls
Til the sweat runs down my balls
Skeet Skeet motherfucker; Skeet Skeet goddamn

To the east; To the west
Til my nut runs down her chest
Skeet Skeet motherfucker; Skeet Skeet goddamn

To the north; To the south
Til I nut all in her mouth
Skeet Skeet motherfucker; Skeet Skeet goddamn

To the left; to the right
To the hoe I'ma fuck tonight
Skeet skeet motherfucker; Skeet skeet goddamn
One AyPhiQue spots another and calls, "Skeet Skeet!" The second AyPhiQue throws up a handsign, then responds in kind.
by Real Skeeter April 9, 2009
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