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this is what has happened to the world (aside from Sweden of course), mainly the female world, since the arrival of the Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgard, on the American scene (beginning with Hitch, Generation Kill, Kill Your Darlings, and True Blood.) it's a full frontal, massive, gigantic outpouring of love, lust, adoration, obsession, time wasting over pictures and videos, googling of the actor, and basically just describes how he has captured the hearts, souls, and loins of many American women, which has already happened in Sweden, and is now happening in America.
"oh my god, there is going to be a massive skarsunami when true blood season 3 comes on in June."

"all of my friends are going to freak out as they are such skarsguardians!"

"Becky, did you know that Straw Dogs is in final production?"

"That's awesome. There will be a major Skarsunami at the theatres when that happens!"
by MrsSkarsgard March 25, 2010
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