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A derisive term used to denote any kind of promiscuous, licentious, or philandering person. Historically, the word originated in reference to jewish females (hence the bagel stereotype), but the definition eventually expanded to include all people with slutty/skanky characteristics. The term is geographically associated with California's South Bay and is most frequently used among young diplomatic highschoolers participating in Model United Nations, gaining much notoriety as a term of endearment.
"Dude, did you hear about the time that skankbagel made out with another delegate during committee?"
"She was acting totally bagel when she kissed that random street performer."
by sec gen April 13, 2008
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an insult used to define a vagina that is as wide as a bagel due to taking too many cocks
i fucked this chick last night who had a skank bagel between the legs
by oiayfhvuewqhfndsabcv67txz9yp8u January 03, 2012
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