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Typically the girl at the trailer park who spreads your garden variety std's. Although some feel they can tame them to a house wife she will sleep with your brother for a 24oz Budweiser and a pack of parliaments.
Isa recon Bobby James found himself a genuine skank nugget.
by Jeff SK November 12, 2008
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n. A female who is under the height of 5'2" and in known for having many sexual partners. Often times, she is recognized as being very public with her sexual deviancy. She will perform on anyone, anywhere, at anytime. (See also: fake bake, gonorrhea, and Jersey Whore)
Bob: Snooki just gave it to me at Olive the kitchen
Mike: What a skanknugget...send her over when you're done.
Bob: Will do...And by that I mean I will do J Woww next.
Mike: She's not a skanknugget; she's too tall.
Bob: Truth.
by WhatTheSchmuck February 22, 2011
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A girl who is fat and is a big skank. Usually dyes her hair bright blonde and wears a face full of caked-on makeup. Will let any guy do whatever he pleases to her, then go to McDonalds to shove some food down her throat. Guys will make fun of her after they have sex with her and call her fatty and skanky. But yet they still have sexual encounters with the Skank Nugget. Also, watch out, the Skank Nugget tends to have STDs and will bum you out of your cash so she can go pig out.

I hate Skank Nugget girls.
Girl: Hey! I just had sex with those three guys over there at the same time! Oh, can I borrow $50 from you? I need to go get some lunch!!
Me: *sighs and shakes head* Oh, Skank Nugget, you..
by LifeHatesMe May 24, 2011
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