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The water leftover in your bathtub after the one night stand you took home from the bar takes a shower in the morning.
You should have cleaned out the drain before letting her shower. Now the skank water is never going to drain.
by dr1221 August 16, 2010
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n. related to definition for skank, referring to poor hygiene traits and promiscuity of women
1) a foul liquid, suggesting the vaginal residue expelled from use of a douche (literal meaning)--especially that of a diseased or infected person.
2) exclamation for anything that is disgusting or disappointing
1) You're such a terrible person; I hope you choke on skankwater!

2) She cheated off of your paper and STILL got a better grade than you? What skankwater!!!
by Rachelle Montoya February 26, 2006
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To call someone 'skank water' is to inform them that they are so worthless, they are not a skank, but they are what a skank washes off in the bath tub.
Quit being skank water and hand me the remote control
by Monster Zer0 November 19, 2007
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