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The crisis every skank eventually goes through in their life. Usually happens between the ages of 15 and 20. Said skank will abruptly up and leave their hometown to live with a distant relative (i.e. twice-removed aunt, sister's ex-boyfriend, etc) and "find themselves". The location is usually an obscure small town in a southern state, such as Oklahoma, Kansas, or Georgia. Usually happens following some semi-dramatic event which a normal person would deal with and move on. Skanks, however, can not just "deal" with situations, and must "escape" to cause even more drama. These crises are usually short-lived, and the skank will almost ALWAYS return within a few weeks.
typical skank identity crisis

"I'm so sick of this drama and bullshit! I'm moving in with my stepdad's sister in Oklahoma to figure some shit out."
by LaLa* April 15, 2010
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