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a pun or play on words that someone creates by combining ska and another word

skaisms do not only apply to the word ska but also words like rude, skank, two-tone, and other ska related words

very popular in band names

Some examples:

Thanks for those Specials cds, I thikn I'm "ska'd" (scarred) for life.

I hate it when people are jerks at shows. I wish they'd learn the proper "skatiquette" (etiquette).

Hey, who was the kid that brought the "skaberries" (strawberries)to the show?

Rude boy, two-tone, rocksteady, I can't understand all this skargon (jargon)!
Bob: Thanks for taking me to the show! I've officially been skaptized!

Bill: Shut up! That was the worse skaism I've ever heard!
by RudeBoy37 September 17, 2007
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