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Exaggerated version of word owned or pwned. Is considered by many online users to be the superlative form of the word. Is named after convicted child molester Kevin Sitko. Sitko attempted to spam a forum at by asking people to visit his gambling website. When online users got suspicious about his background, his address showed up after a simple online search and indicated that he had been convicted of child molestation. Sitko, who has an address in North Carolina, left the forum and returned under another user name. He denied being the previous user but the other users discovered his new alias and exposed or owned him again. He might have attempted to imitate an attorney but this is somewhat difficult to prove. A picture of him was discovered online and another man is in the background. Nobody can prove the other man is trying to defend Sitko or if Sitko assumed a third alias. Nevertheless, he was owned again. was, over the next few hours, flooded with new members from websites as far away as Australia and the UK. There is also talk on the forum of users attempting to have a form of his name used to represent the highest form of ownage. It also means to be owned repeatedly.
1. You may have been owned but the criminal was sitkowned!

2. He tried to lie and was owned when his identity was revealed. He tried to lie again and was pwned. Still, he refused to give up and, after countless tries, was sitkowned.
by SchMikey January 03, 2008
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To be absolutely owned online in the worst possible way, usually involving mugshots and links to a user's sex predator website.
Holy crap! NICK NSX just got totally sitkowned on that forum!
by alby5268i January 02, 2008
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To be royally owned as in the case of Nick Sitko, confirmed internet spammer who was exposed as a convicted sex offender, after denying his own identity and affiliation to his own illegal gambling website.
"Dude, did you see that kid fall off the roof?
He got totally Sitkowned."
by Bruce Willis January 02, 2008
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