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The forbidden fruit, one you fall in love with without realization. Beautiful in everyway, Sirrena will be the love you wish you met first and the love you want to love last. To feel her embrace is to take a breath of oxygen for the first time. Your body gets heavy and your knees get weaker. The world around you becomes an empty space, the only connection you have is the one held together by her touch.
It was just a friendly Barbeque when I saw Sirrena. I knew it wasn't a normal day after that. What I didn't know was how much my world would change that day. I wanted any excuse to talk to her just so she can be close. When I finally did talk to her I wanted her even more, I wanted to know more about her, I wanted her on every level. We exchanged some laughs, and alittle back and forth teasing then some deeper thoughts. With every word we drew in closer to eachother. The noise around us got louder but our voices got softer and our breath got slower.

Circumstances regrettably pulled us apart. Though nothing can keep me from her at this point . I had to make her mine and that's all I cared about. I wanted her in my life and I wanted to be a part of hers. We got to a place we can be alone and I pulled her in for a kiss... i fell in love with her. I sudden spark that lit my world on fire. Just like that she became the center of my universe. That's my Sirrena
by Jetlife11 July 03, 2016
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