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Sipopotamos: (Sip·po·pot·a·mus) - Someone who continuously asks for "just a Sip" of yo Drank. -
Jerry: Hey Dude can I get a Sip of Yo Drank!?
Thomas: Yeah dude here yah go.

(2 minutes later.)
Jerry: Hey Bra can a snag a sippa-roo off chew!?
Thomas: sure! :)

(47 Seconds later.)
Jerry: Yo Mang can I Bum a sipper off your kipper!?
Thomas: Yep..

(1 minute 43 seconds later)
Jerry: Hey, Can I Sip Yo Sap dawg!?
Thomas:"Dude... Get your own drink Sipopotamos!"
by The Sipopotamos October 16, 2013
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