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Simo Hayha is the world's greatest sniper. He was a Finnish man who served a mandatory one year in the service, after his time there, he became a farmer. However, during the Winter War, he decided to take his rifle (a Finnish variant, M/28), sit in a tree, while it was snowing and kill the Russians. The Russians got scared after hearing of the man known as the "white death", (Hayha's knickname) and they sent troops after him. Eventually, he was shot in the jaw with an exploding bullet; but he survived, he was found by another solider and he regained consciousness the day the war ended.

He was credited with 500+ kills with his rifle and another 150+ kills with a SMG. He did it all in less than 100 days.
Russian # 1: The men said to be careful in this area.
Russian # 2: Why?
Russian # 1: They said something about the "white death".
Russian # 2: The "white death", isn't that Simo Hayha?
Russian # 1: .....
Russian # 2: Sir? Sir, what happ....
by invaderzerock June 13, 2009
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