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Has been half a virgin since 8th grade. She has a compulsive lying disorder and is legally bipolar. She will disown her bestfriends for a boy in the drop of a hat. This explains why she only has one friend. Now we all know who Henrietta is... "the friendly MOLE" on her back that comsumes twice daily anything in its sight. Shes a "chocoholic" i guess you could say, she loves girls to lick it off of her and have ugly guys whack the salami to this sight. We have made up songs about that mole- we have captured it, tamed it and made friends with it. BLONDE=NO but WANNABE=YES! This chick thinks shes hot because she gets retarded allllll alooooneeeee and smokes but she really is just a big loser who wants to be like cool people. but she aint ever going to be like me. one question goes out to her, are you showing your true colors?
go to a party she at and you can see fo youself
by allotta vagina April 29, 2005
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