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A secret society that indoctrinates young, creative, white men, into a non stop Cocain fueled alcoholic superhighway. The alumni of Sigma tau gamma, donate a portion of their income to a secret house bank account. These donations are used exclusively for hookers, blow, and to hire legal council in the event some unlucky knight shoots a baby up some whores twat; or if some scared little pledge cries hazing lawsuit. Newt Gingrich is not a member of Sigma tau gamma. But if he was, his pledge name would be New-t-gin-bitch.
Hey! Do you think this definition is accurate?

What? The one about Sigma Tau Gamma?

No the one about Newt Gin Bitch. Yes the one about hookers and blow!

No, I don't think it's accurate.

You're right to think that because it isn't.
by Hill Bicks May 21, 2016
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