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When a true alpha male, exceeds his bodies own expectation,his minds expectations and grows as big and as solid as a fucking oak.

This man can be heard from all round the town, even when he's sleeping! His foot steps crush the side walk and will be known as a 'side walk crunching mother fucker' people fear him.

He is crazy strong, and he knows it, he can crush mountains and end wars!

He'll just go out there and them troops will here him coming and be like, 'Is that a tank?' 'No man, it's something much worse...' 'worse than a tank?' They'll say. 'Yes, much worse, it's a side walk crunching mother fucker, and we better fucking run!'

Now I ain't no racist, but these 'side walk crunching mother fuckers' are usually black, but once in a blue moon, a white will appear from the crowd. Now these white ones are in fact to be feared, but for all different reasons:
- They wear these weird loose fitting vests.
- Weirder, low neck tee-shirts.
- Horrendously tight, trousers (or pants for you Americans).
- And to top it off, running trainers! wtf!

Not all have this dress code, but the vast majority!

Whereas, some of these white kind can be damn violent so watch out and be sure to not get in their face. Especially not on trains, clubs, fish and chip shops, etc.

Also if you happen to see them, don't be afraid to ask for a picture, they like it. It ain't like asking for a picture with a fat guy.
"You know mack?"
"Oh c'mon he's that sidewalk cruncher from down town."
"Ahh, big Mack, yeah I know the man."
by prian July 09, 2014
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