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The Shredi are physical and mental keepers of the secret of an ancient and noble subcultural organization of society, known for their talent in and observance of The Stoke. Using the gravity and natural forces around them to generate the Stoke and wielding their signature shred sticks, members of the Shedi Order rip for kicks and chicks in all arenas of the natural and man-made Earth, often against their mortal enemies, including The Popo, The Great White, and The Avalanch.

There are different levels of Shredi, ranging from apprentice to shredi master. Shredi Masters, like those listed below, are often revered for there mastery of Stoke and Stick. Many of the highest Shredis have risen to mastery of multiple forms.
Laird Hamilton, Tony Hawk, Kelley Slater, Shaun White

Did you see me go fins out on that turn? I think I'm on my way to becoming a Shredi Knight.
by Blue Team March 22, 2007
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