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Delightful human being, gets along with people really easily. Great boobs. In love with bugatti veyron. Loves to eat chicken wings, and just chicken in general, the spicier the better for her. Food is life. Loves the people she hangs out with. Wants to be a doctor in the future. Makes the stupidest mistakes ever, but everyone still loves her no matter what. Very moody, but extremely lovable.
Nick: Did you hear about what shrabani did today?
Sandy: omg what stupid thing did she do today?
Nick: she asked "how does a elevator go down?"

Sandy, Sunny, Cindy, Anshika, Jin : *all laugh at her stupidity*
Shrabani in the corner: *makes a pouty face*
by booty_call_hoe4lyfe March 10, 2017
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