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Sitting down while showering and having shower thoughts. Shower Thoughts are just weird random conclusions you come to realize while in the shower.
Sarah: wow why do you have so many weird shower thoughts?
George: I do alot of shower meditation
Sarah: you're fucking weird
by equinoxqueen March 16, 2015
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Shower meditation is the easiest way to get your mind into the Alpha stage. Just close your eyes and let the water renew you in mind and body. This is done standing up unless you shower sitting or don't have balance enough to shower with your eyes closed. However, it does work best when eyes are completely closed and you rely on the other senses to find the soap and shampoo. Shower Meditation is perfect for those who can't relax enough for conventional meditating.
This Lavender mint oil is perfect for my shower meditation.
Aroma therapy is good for shower meditation.
by AppleRay June 01, 2015
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