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v. (sho-riyu-kehn)

To pull of an attack by use of jumping from your left foot into the air while saying said noun and thrusting your fist upwards. Connects usually in contact with chin, may be avoided by lifting your right arm as to guard. While performing said technique, you may earn a value of "points" in addition to an optional perfect.

Made famous by Ryu from Street Fighter.

Dragon Punch, ultimate uppercut of doom.
Mike: Hello Xav, how have you been doing today?
Xav: Shouryuken!!
Mike: *flies in the air with chin raised high, bruised* Uwa~ Uwa~ Uwa~ -hits ground twice, laying unconscious-
Xav: *lands onto ground and poses with arms folded*
Score Counter: brrrrrrr -this continues for a while- rrrring.
by Mikao February 08, 2008
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