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1. A movie that looks like absolute shit and is repulsive to the eye because the makers couldn't afford a "real" camera or were too lazy and went with videotape, preferably the VHS kind.

2. a ultra-low buget, direct to video movie from the 80's to mid-90's
Watch the movie "Criminally Insane", then check out "Crazy Fat Ethel 2. Aside from the 2nd movie consisting mainly of flashbacks from "Criminally Insane" (which was shot on film), it looks like someone used a backwater newsroom camera. Hence the ugly, putrid color and crappy picture quality that can only be attributed to VHS. Also many low budget straight to video movies were shot on VHS in the early 80's all the way into the mid-90's.

So when your friend ask you why a this movie look so ugly? Tell him, its Shot on Shitteo or that it was direct to shitteo
by Trekkie313 January 17, 2010
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