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An idiot, moron or other individual who will devote hours waiting in line and a large portion of their income for limited edition sneakers.
Shoe idiots will wait days in line for the latest releases from Nike, Jordan, and others for the chance of dropping their hard earned dollars on a pair of limited edition shoes.
by goodmachine February 28, 2008
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refers to one's appreciation for foot attire. Generally, it is assumed such apparel is of an urban nature. In special circumstances, an aging urban gentleman with a pension for more formal foot attire may be considered a Shoe Idiot, but only if his collection also includes seven or more sneaks that have either been worn by MJ or Sheed, or have been made and designed by someone named Fukijama or Mr. Bape.
If you can't fit another box of sneaks in your mom's garage, you are certified Shoe Idiot.

If you know what the Jordan XVII looks like, you are certified Shoe Idiot.

by dakidd187 March 23, 2009
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