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usually a sasquatch like ginger and or blonde, capable of zero to mild intelligence with a face akin to a deformed baboon and teeth like a homosexual vampire, the "puss" is so stupid its interests can be described in one sentence and its diet is equivalent to a mentally disabled six-year-old, its eyesight is horrendous because of its constant urge of having scrotums dangle on its eyes , it also is gender confused and gets turned on by the scent of its own anal gases (eggz)
hey whats that fat blonde thing over there staring at itself? it looks like bigfoot if he had a learning disability or maybe down syndrome? No bro thats the shnagglepuss dont mess with it while its trying to look at itself it'll eat your dick off and play naked patty cake with your nuts while it farts
by jermaine the royce November 10, 2012
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