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another weird word for: having sex: doing it: shi-banging, etc.

if your one of those people who think that saying "having sex" out loud is weird, this word is good for that, especially if your in the presence of teachers, adults, mature people, etc.
While in school, a teacher standing by.

Derk: "Oh my god, i totally just heard that Anthony and Jana were shkadoinkling at that party last night!"

Larry: "Really?!"

Teacher: "What are you boys talking about?"

Larry: "Oh, we were just talking about how Anthony and Jana were having a contest to see who could hold their breaths longer"

Teacher: "I see, so I'm guessing that's the new word for your kids' fun and games these days?"

Larry & Derk: "Yes Ma'am"
by kermitthefrogiscool December 19, 2009
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