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1. usually emphasized as an exclamation or a realization

the day in hell that you finally realized you don't enjoy spreading mustard all over your friends mom's rear end while beating her in the thighs with cold cuts


"why'd you have to go and make things so complicated"

2. Expressing the ultimate "holy mo fuggin shiznit" feeling.

3. A hat commonly worn by the Jewish community.

4. Jon's ass

5. Last night when Dave's girlfriend was all over Shug Knight. Caressing him ever so gently as she rode up and down on his extra large black horrible disgusting vein filled throbbing purple monkey dishwasher penis.

1. You're a nigger.

2. Shizzadamn those titties is huge nigga.

3. Look! Glock Beckenstein is wearing a shizzadamn. What a fag. lol.

4. Shizzadamn good gracious that ass is bodacious.

5. Shizzadamn.
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