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A guy who lives to shitShitstain payne he's to blame
What can you do
When he smells like pooh
Run like hell
Before you catch that smell
Shitstain payne
That's his game
Here he comes with his stink
It's so bad no one can think
Beware of the mighty shitstain payne
When he's around the world is a stain
Brown as his shit and 10 times the pain
O lord you can't miss that shitstain payne
When shitstain payne got out of bed
The first thought he had was man I feel dead
The next thing he did was head for the shitter
And when he was done he went back on twitter.
The shitstain started to tweet and to twitter
But just like usual the shitstain got bitter
And just like usual shitstain ended up on the shitter.
Shitstain payne always clouded in stink
Sometimes so thick he can't even think
So the ballad goes on about shitstain payne
His shits his farts they are insane
So if you ever run into shitstain payne

Plug your nose and run like a train
If you can't outrun his cloud of stink
Then you my friend have caught the
Shitstain slink
Beware of that payne he’s a toilet hound
He stinks so bad no ones around

He enjoys his toilet time so much
You know he has that stinky touch
Oh no plug your nose here comes Shitstainpayne
by Yogurt glasses July 18, 2018
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