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The inverse of a symbiotic relationship. Instead of augmenting, complimenting, and assisting one another, these Tom and Jerry couples exist are in a near continuous state of hot and cold warfare. By mutual consent occasional pauses in hostilities provide humanitarian corridors for some furious cease fires sex. Both entrenched factions refuse to make peace by breaking up on a permanent basis in fear the other will do better without them. Thus proving that they were the inferior partner in the biological brawl of a love/ hate/ I need you, you asshole fuckface title fight. All their friends in a moment of clarity makes plans to kill one of the contenders in the relationship to bring serenity to all concerned parties, but self interest takes primacy. The plotter will succumb to the innane logic "...but they're my friend." Be the hero. Go with the garrote.
My ex and I had a shitbiotic relationship.
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by Mikey the Sub-Genius November 01, 2018
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