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the word shitana is short for shit on a insert word here. the word after is usualy a leaf or a log. also the sound of when some thing happens and you extremly pissed off and you say shit and in your blid anger you jiberis that sounds like aghnfa. the a, the n, and the other a are ussaly emphisized so that it is spelled shit ana.
the ana can also just be spelled as jiberish
man 1 is golfing the ball almost makes a hole in one but a alligater crawls out of the water and takes the ball just before it goes in and the man yelsss something like this"of $^^$& ^%^$& %^&$%# shit hAdfNisAr" (the n and a are emphised on porpuse)the end reusul of the yellings is shitana
by apple 234 February 23, 2009
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