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an intense, and very dangerous sport in which the brave competitors fire a projectile shit missile from the deep depths of their thundering anus down a series of complex flumes filled with many obstacles such as the giant flaming wall of gooch that should be avoided at all costs. the victor of this national event is awarded with the great golden shit of azregahn, presented my the great grand master of shit, the shit lord!

as a beginner you are not permitted to enter the higher leagues of shit fluming because it is possible for novice's with a lack of experience to loose limbs and their sanity
i had only been participating in shit flumes for a day when i had the whole of the left side of my body torn off by a level 70 power shit as i was spectating the race, i can no longer pronounce the word elephant or sing jingle bells in a high pitched opera fashion. yet the experience was so intense that i will continue to shit flume until i die!
by the shit lord February 17, 2010
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