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The mental attitude of saying what one is thinking without the worry of repercussion. An unintended statement or action resulting in one or more people being offended. A mental handicap resulting in the exact thought becoming verbalized.
"Holy fuck dude take a shower, you smell!!" "dude mind your shit filter"

"That chick has no shit filter...she says everything we're thinking."

"If it wasn't for his lack of a shit filter, he would have nailed that broad!"
by wise941 May 06, 2011
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A shit filter is a virtual function within the brain that allows: a) the individual in question to edit their "internal voice" before they speak, thereby avoiding embarrassing themselves, insulting other or simply looking foolish and b) the shit filter operates to block unpleasant imagery that might be directed at one, which is a blessing to anyone who has a very visual imagination and can "see" a scenario being played out before them, no matter how dreadful it might be.
Example a) I am so lucky that my shit filter worked earlier or I would have said exactly what I though of the bastard. Example b) Say what you like about your sordid relationship with that disgusting retard, I know what he likes but my shit filter is working so I don't have to imagine it.
by Vengeful Spirit December 01, 2011
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