Too happy to be taken seriously; happy to a cheesy or campy extent. Comes from the R.E.M. song Shiny Happy People.
I hated that movie's shiny happy portrayal of high school. In reality, it's a living nightmare for some people.
by Me I. Myself February 01, 2009
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A so-called "normal" person who shuns the feelings the rest of us have, stigmatizes our solutions, and would take away our right to self-terminate, calling us selfish or immature or incapable of deciding our own destinies.
He was totally going to bleed to fruition, but some shiny-happy found him and called 911. Now he'll be in therapy making other shiny-happies feel good about themselves.
by ASH September 20, 2004
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The term is based on a Chinese propaganda poster popularized by REM in the song of the same name. Its a term that determines that people are faking happiness or false happiness in order to fool the outside world that there are no problems. Shiny Happy People are effectively massive fakes.
Look at that picture they just put up on Facebook they are all shiny happy people
by West Side Massive July 07, 2014
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