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a jewish curse that inflicts terrible pain and ill luck
'you desecrated my daughter, witness the power of the shini curse!'
by ashington the third February 23, 2007
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Retributive magic practiced by religious (as opposed to racial) Jews. The origin of the Shini Curse is in contention, with historians on one side claiming it was passed on to the Jews from the Gypsies in Nazi concentration camps (too soon?), and Jews themselves countering that the power was passed down from Jewsus Schrist, son of Jehovah.
In 1967 Egypt, Syria and Jordan decided to annihitale the Jews. Unfortunately for them they didn't know about the Shini Curse. In six days Israel defeated all three of those countries, obliterating the vast majority of their air forces and sending their armies into pathetic retreats, and more than tripling the size of Israel. Egypt and Syria, backed by the Soviet Union, tried again in 1974. Despite attacking on the most sacred Jewish holy day and in complete surprise, the initial gains made by what should have been a crushing victory were immediately reversed by the Shini Curse, and within two weeks Israel was threatening the capitals of both aggressor countries.
by scifiducky September 16, 2009
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