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Shinesburger - shines (head, blow job, brains) burger (like the one u get at mac donalds)

A shines burger is allways made with shines sauce/seamen seasoning (salt)

The word was originally discovered in the summer of 2010 in the greek town of malia.
A shinesburger is in essence and sandwich with an egg filling sprinkled with salt.
After a peer received shines he likened the taste of his own jizz to salty egg whites.
While watching another peer add salt to the egg in his bread roll, the great SHINESBURGER was discovered.

M - Mandem is eating a shines burger?!
A - Don't u point at mans sandwich!
M - That's not a sandwich its a shinesburger!
A - I said stop pointing at mans egg sandwich!
B - but u added shies sauce so that's a SHINESBURGER!


I'm hungry go to mac donalds breakfast and get me a shines burger with hash browns, and bring me some sachets of shines sauce.

by AHLGATE July 19, 2010
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