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A song by the band Pink Floyd from their album Wish You were here.

The song, is in two parts on the album, but is really nine parts.

Here is how the parts break down:

Part I Orchestra-like keyboard chords, some synth horn.
Part II Begins with "Syd's Theme", the four note (Dah DAH dah DAH...) riff that is repeated throughout this part of the song.
Part III Rick's synth horn solo.
Part IV Vocal section.
Part V Sax solo.
Part VI Odd-sounding synth, then goes into some decent lap steel by Gilmour.
Part VII Second vocal section.
Part VIII Jazzy synths.
Part IX Closing funeral dirge-like synth horn solo.
by PartyCheetos October 16, 2006
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A Pink Floyd album partly dedicated to one of their former members who took too much psychedelics and went off the rails. Sometimes used to refer to someone who went off the deep end with psychedelic/drug use.
Person 1: Whatever happened to our friend Gary?
Person 2: Last I heard of him he took too much LSD and, well... Shine on You crazy Diamond.
Person 1: Damn
by The_Worst_2k_Split July 16, 2020
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