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an anthropomorphic anime girl with the lower half of a silkworm
nyanners original character (c) nyanners I DO NOT OWN also do not steal
shilkworm says stuff like "i-... i'm a shhiiilkworm! ... i'm gonna produce a lot of shhhilk!!" and she makes a lot of cute noises and wiggles around like a worm
she transforms into a silkworm also
no word on whether "shilk" is meant only as a cutesy way of saying "silk" or if it has any correlation to the existing urban dictionary definition of shilk
"that's why I want a shilkworm
I know you want it
I know you want it
I know you want it
You're shilk wooorm
you have a worm tail
makes me wanna set sail
wanna sniff that shilk trail
uncensored hentai"
-nyanners blurred lines parody (c) nyanners
by geeksotospeak March 10, 2014
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